Society for American Baseball Research was founded in 1971 by Bob Davids to help foster the research of baseball past and present. It now consists of more than 7,000 members -- including many prominent writers, officials, and players -- worldwide.

Eric Miklich's web site ( contains everything you wanted to know about 19th Century baseball

Perry Glasgow's Links A unique collection and comprehensive guide to baseball links.

Baseball History Links


Sean Holtz's Baseball Almanac has everything a fan could want. There are facts, stories, famous firsts, quotes, autographs, stats, and records.

Sean Lahman's Baseball Archive is one of the premier baseball sites on the web with hundreds of features, including daily Major League stats and articles on baseball's past and present.


Jim Furtado's Baseball Think Factory that is more than just a hodgepodge of baseball analysis, history, information, links, tidbits and statistics. Some of the best baseball minds have their own "stuff" in their own corner of the site.

InfoSports Youth Baseball is an internet services web site that offers the sharing of ideas, training drills, game reports, tournament information, and authoritative coaching advice.

Yogi Berra Official Site

The Deadball Era by SABR member Frank Russo is the only site dedicated exclusively to the memory of deceased major league baseball players. Not only are there photos and baseball cards, but information regarding grave site locations and special tributes.

The Diamond Angle

The Diamond Angle is a small baseball magazine published out of Hawaii.  It has covered all aspects of the game since 1989."

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